Protect your files against ransomware attacks, mistakes, and threats.


Terabunker functions as a digital bunker, keeping files safe from external threats and attacks. With an intuitive interface, protecting your business’ files and information has never been easier.
Go toSafe backups

Safe backups

With Terabunker, backups are inalterable, remaining protected from undue or harmful actions.

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Simple to use

Making backups for Terabunker is as simple as copying files to a folder.

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Easy to set up

Terabunker’s web interface enables intuitive management and doesn’t require advanced IT knowledge.

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Low investment

Available from 999€.
When compared to other storage and backup solutions, Terabunker represents low acquisition costs for hardware and software.

The simplest solution against ransomware.



Ransomware is the greatest virtual threat of 2017, affecting both companies and individuals in large scale.
Don’t become a victim of digital extortion.
Protect your files, protect your business.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that prevents or limits users from accessing the infected devices or files, unless they pay a ransom.

If affects personal computers (desktops, laptops), servers, and other devices, as well as tablets and smartphones. Although most infections occur in Windows systems, there are versions that affect macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

The recovery of systems and files infected by ransomware is very unlikely if backups have not been made. Many, in despair, eventually pay the ransom to retrieve their files. However, there is no guarantee that the decryption key will be sent, that the attackers will not demand more payments, or that the system has not been affected by more than one version of ransomware.

Prevention is the best way to protect against ransomware.

  • Every 40 seconds, a company is being attacked by ransomware.

  • In a survey conducted with over 540 organizations from several countries, 39% said they have been affected by ransomware.

  • 20% of victims that paid the ransome never managed recover their files.

  • Average time lapse between the infection and the request for ransom.

Ransomware does not call truce. Protect your business from this digital threat

Protect your files against ransomware, and other types of malware.