Examples of Use

The Terabunker is a digital bunker that functions as a network share where you can store critical documents, archive files, or any important records or data that you’d like to protect from attacks or accidents. If asserts itself as a very useful and efficient solution for several situations, as demonstrated below.

Protect critical files

Terabunker can store files that are of high importance and/or value to a company, preserving their integrity from malware attacks or from persons connected to company itself.

  • Example 1
    Your company keeps regular backups of important files to USB devices or to a server, in an attempt to maintain easy access to them. The Terabunker is the ideal solution to prevent these files from being changed or corrupted by third-parties.
  • Example 2
    Your company was affected by a ransomware attack and was impelled to pay the ransom. You do not want this to happen again, but don’t have the funds, or you don’t want to invest in a costly solution. Terabunker is the answer you’re looking, since it’s a solution requiring little investment.
  • Example 3
    You are responsible for a small/medium enterprise and you are concerned about ransomware attacks that would inflict tragic consequences on your business, with high operational costs, but you don’t possess the technical knowledge, nor the capacity to acquire a complex solutions. Terabunker is one of the simplest and easiest forms of external storage, where you only have to copy the files you’d like to protect to a folder.

Create a backup repository

Terabunker is a WORM (Write Once Read Many) type device, in which data, once stored, cannot be modified. It can store data and allow you to define a period of time (20 minutes, 1 hour, etc.) after which they can only be read, becoming inalterable and undeletable.

  • Example 1
    Your company has a backup software that does not rewrite files (from those backups) that you use to backup files to a NAS (Network Attached Storage). The Terabunker guarantees that your backups remain intact and protected from malicious or accidental actions, simplifying the process management within your organization, reducing costs in terms of time and money.

Saving data that cannot be manipulated/erased

The Terabunker enables protected storage of data that have to be carefully saved, so that they cannot be manipulated or erased, namely complying with the new rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Example 1
    Your company has security cameras that record video to a network share, or any other similar process, but you want to assure that these videos are not altered or erased. Terabunker guarantees that the videos correspond exactly to what was recorded.
  • Example 2
    Your company records voice calls that include verbal contracts and you need to guarantee the data’s durability and integrity for an extended period of time. Terabunker assures and preserves this data.
  • Example 3
    Your company saves digitalized contracts on a USB drive or a network share, however: you need to assure that they are not altered, nor erased, for an extended period of time. The Terabunker is the bunker you need to preserve this data.
  • Example 4
    Your company is obliged to store medical and/or legal records of patients and/or clients, accounting and/or financial files, among others, in a way that is secure, durable, and non-editable. Terabunker is the perfect WORM device to accomplish this.