The simplest solution to protect your files against ransomware and other types of malware.

Backups that can withstand anything

Terabunker uses a storage technology that protects files from alterations or undue deletion.

Data is stored on hard drive, and after a period of time defined by the user or IT manager, are granted read only permissions, preventing their alteration or deletion.

Due to this features, malicious software (malware), such as ransomware, that propagate quickly in an IT network, cannot infect the files, maintaining their integrity

A digital bunker

Network shares are one of the simplest ways of using external storage. Terabunker uses this concept to protect information in the simplest and quickest way possible.

To protect files, the user needs only to copy them to one of the Terabunker’s network folders.

Terabunker provides a simple and intuitive interface to manage the network shares, where it is possible to create, change, or eliminate folders, change their definitions or global system settings.

The user accesses the shared folder in the same way a local folder is accessed. Shared folders are available for all network users. Likewise, when a new share is created, it is made available for all network users.

Safe backups

With Terabunker, backups are inalterable, remaining protected from undue or malicious actions.

Simple to use

Making backups with Terabunker is as simple as copying files to a folder.

Easy to set Up

Terabunker’s web interface enables intuitive management, without requiring advanced IT knowledge. From one single location, you can create, change, or eliminate folders, change system settings, or monitor resources usage.


Terabunker is installed on the IT network, operating via shared folders. It is independent of external software and functions in all platforms that support the CIFS protocol. It works with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, among others.

Low investment costs

When compared to other backup storage solutions, Terabunker represents lower acquisitions for hardware and software.


Keep your files protected from ransomware

Ransomware is the largest virtual threat of 2017, affecting companies as well as individuals on a large scale. Don’t become a victim of digital extortion. Protect your files, protect your business.

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